Our Mission

Why Approved Drone Pilots?

By Lee Ballard

Why Approved Drone Pilots?

Why did the three of us create this site?

Well, we wanted to create a resource that we couldn’t find already out there. There were plenty of paid-for listing sites, with at most, fewer than 400 members from a UK PfCO community totalling over 4000 permission holders.

These paid-for sites all have their place in the industry but we wanted to create something that was more than just a directory, more than a list.

We wanted to create a true resource. A FREE resource.

ADP is on the face of it a directory. Nothing would make us happier than to have every single PfCO holder in the UK registered with us. But we are aiming to be far more than that. Our soon to launch blog will be a resource that all UAV operators, commercial or otherwise, should be able to find information of interest in. From tech stories and new equipment launches to informative information on safety and operations. We’re going to feature the good side of drone use. From stunning footage shot by our members to stories of drones saving lives, animal or human.

We’re also working hard behind the scenes to secure partners that can offer products and services to our members with added incentives, be it a discount or extra value.

The drone community seems to be forever vilifying itself and whilst there is a visible minority of questionable activity out there, we aren’t looking for that or to go on witch hunts. We want to educate to wider community, in how to safely operate if a new user, what to look for in drone operators and to try and help educate the public in what a drone can and cannot do.