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Professional UAV Photography, Film, and Survey


    New Wave Images UK offers high quality aerial photography and film capture, as well as survey and mapping services using UAVs (drones) throughout Scotland. This coupled with our expertise in ground based photography and film allows us to offer a full service to our clients.


    Reliable High Quality Results

    New technology has resulted in revolutionary new ways to capture aerial film and imagery. We use some of the latest UAV's (drone) technology equipped with high grade cameras to capture aerial images and footage. We have a choice of UAV aircraft to use in specific situations and offer 4k and UHD footage and high resolution still images. This imagery can be supplied to clients in it's raw state, or edited and colour graded before supply to the client. Ultimately, using UAVs give clients more flexibility at a more affordable price.

    A Safe Approach
    There can be some complex safety and legal issues involved in planning a safe aerial operation, regardless of how big or small the project. We offer an individual approach to each assignment and work closely with clients to understand their production needs. We then take the lead in planning for safe, legal, and successful operations, to get the very best images and footage for our clients. Our approach, flexibility, and partnership working with clients means we add value to projects and makes us many of our clients' a photography supplier of choice.

    CAA Approved Operators

    We are authorised by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate commercially and have obtained CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO), previously PfAW. Additionally we have some specialist extra CAA permissions which allow us to operate more flexibly for clients, including at any time of day or night.


    Complete Imagery Service

    As a professional photography company, New Wave Images UK also offers ground based photography and film services which may complement your project. So, whether you are producing a promotional event or PR video, or creating marketing collateral, we can help.

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    CAA PfCO Details (CAP1361)
    • CAA ID
    • Sub 7kg Issue Date
    • Sub 7kg Expiry Date
    OSC Exemptions
    • KEY:
      All distances in metres.
      PVVS = Persons, Vehicles, Vessels and Structures not under the control of the PIC.
      VVS = Vehicles, Vessels and Structures not under the control of the PIC.
      Crowd = an organised open-air assembly of more than 1000 persons.
      TO&L = take off & landing.
    • OSC Expiry Date
    • Exemption holders comment:
      CAA Approved for Night Operations
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