GWP Consultants LLP

Specialising in providing accurate topographic surveys


    GWP have both fixed wing and multi-rotor platforms, providing the flexibility to undertake a range of survey tasks. Both platforms have been selected for their mapping capabilities and ability to operate in the UK weather.

    • Large scale topographic survey of quarries and earthworks, including point clouds and line features
    • Volumetrics and monitoring of large earth moving projects and stockpiles
    • Real estate planning using the high quality imagery for site identification purposes, boundary mapping, area calculations, planning applications and asset management
    • Landscape and visual assessments, Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) studies, slope analysis, 3D visualisations Deformation monitoring and geotechnical analysis of unsafe/inaccessible quarry faces or landslides
    • Production of Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and Digital Terrain Model (DTM) with the removal of vegetated / built up information Level information and photography on road or rail infrastructure without necessary access to the site or closure requirements
    • Catchment modelling and characterisation for hydrological studies

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